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Ecolubrium ATF D-III is an extreme, high-performance automatic transmission fluid, suitable for use in all heavy duty car, tractor and commercial plant applications where a product conforming to any of the below specifications is requested. It is manufactured from a blend of specially selected base oils and Syntec additives, guaranteeing longer lasting high-performance and reduced fuel economy when compared to ordinary ATF Fluids.

ATF Fluids are amongst the hardest working vehicle fluids and require regular changing. New ATF fluids should be bright red in color and of low viscosity.  As ATF fluids get older the high temperatures and stress cause the ATF fluid to thicken and darken.  This thicker, darker ATF fluid will reduce the ability of your automatic transmission to operate as it should and needs replacing.  Ecolubrium ATF D-III can last up to 3 times longer in transmissions before the need to change.


Technical Specification

Service Level

Dexron IIIG / IIH / IIE/IID. / Mercon V / Toyota WS / Merc Benz 236.1 / Allison C4, Caterpillar TO-2 / Borg Warner / MAN 339.V2/Z2 / ZF-TE-ML09, ML11 - M114 / Renek Dormat / Volvo 97341 / Voith / Komatsu Dresser B22-004, Honda ATF2.x, DW-1, DW-2.

This product is suitable for use in the vast majority of automatic transmissions found in American, Japanese and European vehicles.