Max Power 20w50


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ECOLUBRIUM MAX POWER 20W50 has been re-engineered using the latest 2017 synthetic additive technology and blending techniques.  It is a new generation heavy duty 20w50 multi-grade engine oil designed for use in mixed fleets applications.  This 20w50 engine oil combines the benefits of a heavier thicker oil with the superior performance enhancements of modern additives it is particularly suited to hard working gasoline or diesel engines, operating in warm climates under arduous conditions.  Approved for use in Diesel, Petrol and LPG engines, a totally universal mixed fleet lubricant. Feedback from customers suggests that this product also helps to reduce oil consumption and usage where leakage has been a problem.

Typical Product Performance Level,                     

API                             SL/CI-4/CH-4/CG-4                                                              

ACEA                         E7-12, E5 ,E3                      

Cummins                     20072, 20076, 20077, 20078.

CAT                            ECF-1.

Renault                        RLD                                                   

MB                              228.1, 228.3 229.1                                         

Mack                           EO-N                                                              

MAN                           3275 / 271                                                                  

MTU                           Type 2                                                            

Volvo                          VDS 3, VDS-2

Allison                         C-4

CAT                            TO-2

CASE                          MS 1121

IVECO                       18-1804 CLASSE T2 / E7

New Holland               330H

Steyr                            A-201

VW                             505

ZF                               TE-ML 07C


Also recommended for the following engines where any of the above performance specifications are listed.


John Deere

Massy Ferguson

Ford NH










Technical Specification

ECOLUBRIUM MAX POWER 20W50 is suitable for normally aspirated, CDI, turbo-charged, super-charged and other highly stressed diesel and petrol engines. Ideal for heavy commercials, heavy plant, vans, buses, tractors, industrial equipment and passenger cars where an oil to this specification is required. It is miscible with most synthetic and mineral based engine oils. This product may also be used in small petrol and diesel engines (generators, pumps etc.) and can replace SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 10w40, SAE 15w40 and SAE 20w40 in most cases.