Fusion 222


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Considered by many Industrial, Commercial, Agri and Marine customers as the No.1 grease in Ireland due to its superior performance when compared to all other multi-purpose Lithium EP 2 greases in the market. 

Mactex Fusion 222 is premium grease based on lithium complex soaps and synthetically enhanced extreme pressure / anti friction lubrication fluids. It is extremely stable even at high temperatures and can withstand water wash-off due to its unique composition. Ideally suited to all medium and high speed ball or roller bearings including wheel bearings and those found in most industrial applications including agricultural baling machines.  Suitable for automatic and manual greasing systems including centralised lubrication systems. Mactex Fusion 222 is blue in colour for ease of identification and visibility around greased components.

Now available in 500gr screw top suitable for use with Fuchs Renier, Kajo and other similar grease applicators.

Technical Specification

Blue high temperature lithium complex EP-2

Anti-wear, Extreme Pressure, Extreme Temperature, Corrosion Resistant, Water Resistant, Long Life, EP-2