Quality lubricants that don't cost the earth!

The Ecolubrium brand was created in 2006 as a serious alternative to the more expensive global brands.  The brand name is a play on the word "equilibrium" (balance), we strive to achieve a balance between the ecology of the planet and the necessary requirements for lubricants. We care strongly about our environment and the planet, we recognise that fossil fuels and over use of lubricants may cause damage to our surroundings and also waste our precious limited resources. Our products are engineered to last longer, work harder, protect better than other products available, thus reducing the need to change oils as often.  Our oils often out-perform competitors by as much as 5 times, that means you use 80% less oil have 80% less waste oil and save money in the process, good for your wallet, your machines and the planet. 

Ecolubrium has quickly developed a worthy reputation for quality and real value. The philosophy behind the brand is to supply technically superior products at affordable prices.  This is achieved by streamlining the production process and only using premium virgin base-stocks. The products are engineered to compete with the best on offer globally and are fast gaining the reputation we wished for.  We mainly focus on the Agriculture, Automotive, Marine, Mining and Commercial markets and have an extensive range of products to offer these customers. We do not spend lavish amounts of money on marketing, telling you how great we are, we do not sponsor F1 or Global Football Stars to the tune of millions of dollars which you the customer ultimately pay for. Our products speak for themselves, customers return year after year to buy our products and testimonials tell us that we are out performing the perceived top brands.

All products are attractively packaged and well labelled ensuring products are easily identifiable. We can offer very attractive deals to distributors and re-sellers internationally, wishing to take on this brand.  If you would like to join our Global Distributor Network please contact us today.


Cassida, recognised as a world leader in “Food Grade” lubricants and now part of the Fuchs brand portfolio. In either the Food or Pharmaceutical Industries, businesses where you can’t take chance. Cassida is the only clear choice If you want peace of mind and guaranteed results.

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Lubritech is another division within the Fuchs group and specialises in oils and greases for extreme conditions and applications. Specialist industries covered include power generation, metal working, aerospace, mining, food & pharma. Extreme temperatures/pressure, corrosive environments, and water contamination are only some of the arduous conditions catered for under the Lubritech brand.

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Mactex Oil can also supply a Toll-Blending service where we supply a complete lubricants portfolio under your brand T&C apply.