Mactex Oil

 Oil Sampling and Predictive Maintenance.

As well as supplying the best oils in the world we also offer a world class oil testing and predictive maintenance service to all our customers.  This service can be tailored to suit the needs of your business whether it be a single test or a continuous monitoring programme.  We offer this service to customers and non customers alike and can test any type or brand of product.

Oil sampling and analysis helps diagnose underlying problems which can help detect and protect against costly breakdowns.  This analysis examines the physical and chemical characterises of the sample to determine oil condition, machine wear and/or potential contamination issues. Analysis can be carried out on any hydraulic system, engine, turbine and transmissions.  Metal working fluids can be tested under a separate system to help determine their suitability for the job in hand and check the additive wear / performance balance.

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Product Sourcing and Supply.

Depending on what part of the world you operate it may be difficult to find suppliers of the specific lubricant type or brand you require for your machinery.  If this is the case we can help, through our global network of suppliers can source and supply any brand of oil, lubricant or grease that you or your company may require. We constantly import products from the USA, Asia and Mainland Europe and ship globally at the request of our customers.

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