About Us

Mactex Oil Distribution Ltd is a dedicated, independent lubricants company  which specialises in the formulation, blending and marketing of world class oils and ancillary products.  Our extensive range of superior quality Ecolubrium lubricants exceed Global OEM, API and ACEA  specifications.  Manufactured from Group II, Group III and PAO synthetic base oils.  Ecolubrium lubricants can be trusted to protect your machinery in all operating and climatic conditions. These oils are available internationally through our network of Global Distributors.  Every market segment is covered, such as Agriculture, Automotive, Commercial Automotive, Construction and Mining, Power Generation, Industrial, Metal Working, Forecourt, Marine, Food and Pharmaceutical, Base Oils, Motorcycle, Aerospace etc.

For special projects we can design and create a tailor made lubricant solution to remedy any situation, our chemists and product designers welcome your challenge.

Ecolubrium, quality lubricants that don't cost the earth!

Mactex Oil Distribution Ltd.

Our Ecolubrium brand offers world class lubricants at affordable prices, delivering true value. .

We ONLY use the finest quality virgin Group I, Group II, Group III, PAO synthetic base oils and European Syntec additives in all our product formulations. All products are manufactured to stringent UK performance standards and proprietary formulations.

Value is the point at which quality and performance surpass price , where you get more than what you pay for.  True value is Ecolubrium Turbo-Syn 15w40 LDA where the performance and quality significantly outweigh price, with extended drain intervals of up to 30,000km and fuel savings of up to 5%.  This is the philosophy behind all Ecolubrium products, better engineered, superior performance, higher quality and True Value for money.

We can help you reduce the overall amount of lubricants you use, the time you spend servicing and fixing your vehicles, the amount of fuel you burn, filters used, waste oil generated and help increase the profitability of your business.

Storage and Deliveries.

The majority of our products are available locally in the markets we service. We offer a same day or next day delivery service for these products.  For special order products or bespoke products please contact us for a quotation.  


With over 40 years experience in the lubricants industry we can offer full technical back-up and product selection assistance on every product we sell.  Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets are readily available to all our commercial customers. Plant audits, oil sampling and predictive maintenance guidance are some of the services we offer.


Ecolubrium products are available through our local Authorised Distributors in Africa, please contact us if you require their details of if you too would like to become a distributor.  We are currently looking to speak with prospective distributors in the following countries; Nigeria, Togo, Chad, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali and Niger. If you are currently involved in lubricant sales and distribution please contact us.

Liam Grealy