Why use modern oils.


Have you ever tried to wash your dirty greasy hands in cold water without using soap, you can move the oil, grease and dirt around but you won't  clean your hands. Use soap and the oil and dirt breaks down, it lifts from your skin and can be easily removed.  Well it's the same for your car engine but instead of soap we use additives, different additives perform individual tasks in your engine like cleaning the internal parts and holding any carbon and dirt developed by combustion within the oil so that it gets removed during an oil change.    Modern Oils contain additives that make them much better at doing what it is they are supposed to do.  Modern additives can clean 10 times better and hold 10 times more soot and dirt without thickening, these are the additives we employ to manufacture Ecolubrium products.

It annoys me when I see lubricants for sale in Africa that have been deemed obsolete since 1930, yes oils on sale with an API SA/CA rating, oils without any additives, oils pronounced obsolete by the American Petroleum Institute for use in any automobile from 1930 onward, yes cold water no soap!!

So please check the label, learn how to differentiate good from bad and stop wasting money servicing your vehicle every 1000, 2000 or 3000km when you can easily achieve over 10,000Km with a good quality Ecolubrium oil.  For fleet owners we can further extend this drain interval through oil condition monitoring, delivering addition cost savings and peace of mind.  

Just one of the reasons Ecolubrium is gaining a reputation for being the best oil in Africa.



Mactex Oil Distribution Ltd is one of the  leading European lubricants provider, our Ecolubrium brand offers exceptional quality at affordable prices. 

Fusion 222 Grease


Mactex Fusion 222 Grease, the No. 1 Grease is now available in 500gr screw top cartridges.

Sold individually, boxes of 20 or in pallets, Best price for 500gr grease.

HSA - Audit


HSA Audit today.

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